Monthly Archive: December 2014

Negotiating Punk Rock: Searching for Liberatory Values in a Conflicted Culture

  By Alexander N. Riccio The intersections of privilege and oppression have never been starker for me than the years I attempted to infiltrate Atlanta’s underground rock n’ roll scene. On the surface it appeared that the community united under shared connections through drugs, music, sex, and rebellion; but under the sheen of commonality was a matrix of divisions, prejudices,…
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Teaching for Democracy Not Plutocracy

By Mark Naison Right now, education policy is being shaped by the presumed needs of employers rather than the aptitudes needs and culture of actual students. The result is classrooms that are stifling and humiliating, where young people’s natural curiosity is being squelched and where teachers are micromanaged to make sure their empathy doesn’t lead them to depart from the…
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Violence Can Undermine Nonviolent Movements

  By Mark Naison The assassination of police officers is not only morally reprehensible, it has a history of undermining the legitimacy of non-violent mass protest movements against social injustice.