Monthly Archive: February 2015

Are All Politics Identity Politics?

By Chris Lowe I have this argument with certain Hegelian fundamentalist Marxist friends who deprecate so called identity politics as incompatible with and alternative to class politics.

Male Centric Society So Obvious, It’s Painful

  By Phoenix Calida I’m baffled why people think saying we live in a male centric society is “silly” or “far fetched”. Everything in our society was created to cater to men, specifically white, upper class, able-bodied, cis, hetero men.

Fifty Shades and Adult Worthy Erotica

By Phoenix Calida Aside from the blatant abuse and rape in the 50 Shades story, I can’t help but think there’s so many other indicators of how we view women and sex. I think what bugs me is the utter infantilization of women’s agency and sexuality that 50 Shades represents. Women aren’t entitled to fuck like adults, women are not…
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One, Two, Three, What are We Fighting For?” A Parent/Student/Teacher Manifesto

Mark Naison Today, America’s young people face the gravest threat they have confronted since the Vietnam War. In the 60’s, their lives were endangered by a Bi-Partisan military initiative destined to fail.  Today, their minds are threatened by a Bi-Partisan educational initiative that Is squeezing creativity and joy out of the nation’s public  schools.

What’s the Retail of Two Cities?

By Christian Matheis Imagine you hold a particular place truly sacred. Perhaps a town, or a building, or a region. Let’s give the image a bit of life. The place, your most cherished, holds sacred for your community.  As the sine qua non – that without which nothing else in your life can matter – you consider it holy, divine,…
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Fantasy Might Make Another World Possible

  By Alexander Riccio In Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology David Graeber dedicates some time to the historical development of current anarchistic societies within Madagascar, which he explains happened as an insurrectionary response to the unsuspecting Malagasy government.

Oppression Doesn’t Go Both Ways

  By Phoenix Calida The problem with reverse -isms (racism, sexism, etc) is that they imply everyone is starting from an equal place. Of course, members of marginalized groups can be bigoted or prejudiced. But marginalized groups don’t have the same structural ability to behave oppressively. 

The Lessons of Anne Braden: Learning to be an ally for social justice


  By Jesseanne Pope As part of OSU’s celebration of MLK, I attended a screening of the film Anne Braden: Southern Patriot. This film takes us on a journey through the life of Anne Braden, a southern white woman who worked for racial equality during the Civil Rights Movement.