Is Obama a “Transformational” President?


By Chris Lowe  (June 29,2015)

This piece is dead wrong. Barack Obama is comparable to Grover Cleveland. We live in a time of narrow politics, and Obama has not had the juice to broaden them, nor the inclination.  Continue reading “Is Obama a “Transformational” President?”

Progress Worth Celebrating (But It Doesn’t End Here)

By Alex S. Morgan  (June 26, 2015)

This is progress worth celebrating. It doesn’t stop here, and there is so much left to do, especially for LGBT folks who have been multiply marginalized: sex workers, immigrants, folks with complex health needs, the incarcerated, and queer and trans people of color, but celebrating these milestone victories gives us the momentum to keep going. Continue reading “Progress Worth Celebrating (But It Doesn’t End Here)”

Interview: John Lindsay-Poland

John Lindsay-Poland has been active in movements for Latin American human rights and solidarity and demilitarization of US policy. He currently coordinates the Wage Peace program in San Francisco of the American Friends Service Committee, an organization founded in 1917 that promotes peace and non-violence. He resides in Oakland, California. Continue reading “Interview: John Lindsay-Poland”

Science Fiction, Social Justice, and the Radical Imagination

Walidah Imarisha and Gabriel Teodros, with a special video discussion from Mumia Abu Jamal, examine the ways in which visionary science and fantasy fiction can inspire the radical imagination to envision the features of a socially just world.  Check out their work in the new anthology:  Octavias’ Brood:  Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements (AK Press: 2015)

Against the Tools of Murder


By Chris Lowe

My circle of Facebook connection has been circulating information about efforts to reduce transportation related deaths particularly car-on-bike and car-on-pedestrian deaths to zero. Why is a similar aim to reduce murder to zero ridiculous? To change the culture to reduce the idea that interpersonal violence can solve problems and is a legitimate way to do so?  Continue reading “Against the Tools of Murder”

Violent Rhetoric Can Lead to Hate

By Javier Cervantes

I went to bed Wednesday night saddened and in disgust. Yet another act of cowardly malice reared its ugly head again; this time the victims were members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina where Dylann Roof confessed to the brutal murder of nine church-goers . Continue reading “Violent Rhetoric Can Lead to Hate”

“The Future of Our Society is at Stake”: Responding to Racist Terrorism in South Carolina

Several Anarres Project writers respond to the brutal shooting in Charleston, South Carolina and what it means in the context of US history and politics at this very moment. Continue reading ““The Future of Our Society is at Stake”: Responding to Racist Terrorism in South Carolina”

Prayer for a Justice that Abolishes this Racist Society

By Chris Crass

“It will be investigated as a hate crime” committed at nearly every level of U.S. society. This is a mass murder that screams throughout the history of this racist country. A mass murder of Black people at a historic Black church rooted in Black liberation struggle.  Continue reading “Prayer for a Justice that Abolishes this Racist Society”

Is Rachel Dolezal a “Saltapatras”? What Latin America Can Teach us about so called ‘transracial’ Identity.


By Joseph Orosco

Is Rachel Dolezal Black or is she a white person “passing” as Black? Continue reading “Is Rachel Dolezal a “Saltapatras”? What Latin America Can Teach us about so called ‘transracial’ Identity.”