Monthly Archive: August 2015

#Allvotesmatter, Except Yours

  By Teka Lark (August 24, 2015) “We’re reaching out to everybody,” said Bernie Sanders on NBC’s Meet the Press in response to the disruption of his August 8 downtown Seattle campaign rally by Black Lives Matters Seattle chapter co-founders Marissa Johnson and Mara Jacqueline Willaford. Black people aren’t included in “everybody” and “all.” This “we” and “us” and “everybody”…
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The New Normal

  By Paul Messersmith-Glavin (August 23, 2015) Waking up this morning, I read in the paper about hundreds of thousands more dead fish in Oregon rivers cause the water’s too damn warm and of widespread bug infestations in California due to drought and high temperatures, only to look out the front window at the leaves falling from the trees like…
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We Can All Wear the Shoes We Love

  By Chris Crass (August 20, 2015) “What shoes do you want to wear to school?” River responded, “The kids at school said I can’t wear my Elsa (Frozen) shoes, because I’m a boy and they said they are girl shoes.”

OSU’s Confederate Legacy: Should Arnold Dining Hall Be Renamed?

  By Joseph Orosco (August 19, 2015) Late last week, based on recommendations from a university-wide committee, President Gregory Fenves of the University of Texas at Austin ordered the removal of a prominent statue of Confederate president Jefferson Davis from the Main Mall. He explained that taking the statue away was in the interest of “fostering an inclusive environment” and…
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Interview: Heather Wolford

  Heather Wolford has been involved in Latin American solidarity, human rights accompaniment, and immigrants’ rights work for several years. She holds masters degrees in International Studies and Public Administration from the University of Oregon, where her academic work focused on political economy, public policy, and social movements in Latin America.

Progressives Must Disrupt and Challenge

By Harsha Walia (August 11, 2015) Everyone everywhere complaining about grassroots activists not being ‘strategic’ or ‘effective’ by targeting so-called Left politicians – you’re wrong.

The Bernie Sanders Disruption Test

    By Teka Lark  (August 10, 2015) In Seattle, Washington on Saturday, August 8 #BlackLiveMatters activists (or someone who said they were #BlackLivesMatters activists) disrupted a Bernie Sanders speaking engagement. I can’t be upset about disruption. My objective is disruption. I am “building” is a scaffold to tear down this system.

What is Bernie Sanders Doing Right Now for Racial Justice?

  By Angus Maguire  (August 9, 2015) I have a good number of friends going to see Bernie Sanders today in Portland. To those folks, especially ‪#‎mywhitepeople‬, you might give some thought ahead of time about how you will act if ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ activists interrupt the event. I have no knowledge of plans to do so, but it seems like a pretty good bet….
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