An Anarchist Time Traveller’s Guide to the Republican Debates


By Steampunk Emma Goldman (August 6, 2015)

Comrades, I won’t be able to watch the Republican debates tonight, because I’m busy with revolution, but I used my time-travel abilities to watch them ahead of time. Here’s a summary, in case you too would like to skip them:
Some horrible white guys will say terrible things about immigrants, poor people, and people of color, that last using barely concealed dog-whistle terms.

Some other horrible white guys will voice appalling ignorance about environmental science, the human reproductive system, gender, sexuality, race, and basic principles of cause and effect.

Many horrible white guys will blithely assume that capitalism is a positive thing, Christianity is universal and wonderful, and that unthinking nationalistic fervor is the single most positive trait a human can demonstrate, as long as they come from this particular nation.

Countless liberals will get drunk and punch their laptops.

Brought to you courtesy of your friendly neighborhood time-traveling anarchist. Now go do something more useful than what those liberals will be doing tonight.


Originally published by Steampunk Emma Goldman here.  Used by permission.


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