Antifa are a Critical Component of the Struggle Against White Supremacy

By Chris Crass (August 16, 2017)

Any minute you spend debating that the antifa, that the right wing created term,”alt-left”, is violent too, is a minute spent supporting Trump and the ultra-right. The world is uniting against Trump and the ultra-right’s racism. Do not give Trump life support by giving any space, any room to “well the antifa…” unless it is “well the antifa are a critical component of an overall uniting of humanity against white supremacy, against the white supremacy of Trump and the neo-nazis, of the entire Trump agenda.”

Now is the time to focus all of our energies on uniting our people, our families, our communities to a rejection of white supremacy from the nazi-in-chief to the nazis in the streets, and to unite for racial justice, multiracial democracy, and the Black Lives Matter movement as the leading force for human rights and human dignity of our times.

We can debate tactics and strategy along the way, but let’s not miss the historic responsibility and opportunity of these times, which is winning over as many people as we can, especially for those of us who are white, to win over as many white people as we can to an overall racial justice agenda and to reject white supremacy in all of its forms.

3 thoughts on “Antifa are a Critical Component of the Struggle Against White Supremacy”

  1. In my opinion, the artifas and violent tactics in general, are counterproductive to your stated goal of “winning over as many people as we can”. I believe there is considerable political science research supporting this opinion.

  2. fuck off. this bipartisan shit is what polarized our country to such a degree to begin with. people’s political views are all varied on a spectrum and the more we keep trying to make it left vs right, the more we simplify, and the more we scapegoat and other people. there are conservatives i strongly agree with on things, and liberals i agree strongly with on things, because there is some modicum of sanity in both of them. but this shit needs to go. stop making excuses for violence of the people you agree with you fucking fascist

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