Baltimore is About the Future of Human Dignity

By Chris Crass

Mass uprisings, including property destruction, when coming out of communities who have exhausted every other means to address grievances, and have had violence dealt back to them, every time – such uprisings are justified, rational, strategic, necessary, and those taking to the streets of ‪#‎Baltimore‬ are taking far more responsibility for the future of democracy, equality, and human dignity than all of those condemning them.

If you don’t want to see property destruction in response to racist police violence, first ask why you don’t.  And question whether you value property over Black life.  And then all of your energy should be directed at breaking the stranglehold of institutional white supremacy that has for hundreds of years been choking Black freedom, creating premature Black death, and reigning terror on Black communities.

Our love for liberation calls on us to take courageous action to end systematic violence and institutional violence, uniting with the communities most negatively impacted and to be on the front lines of struggle for a better world. Time to rise!

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