Being a Woman of Color


By Phoenix Calida

Being a woman of color is a very unique situation.

On one side, we have white supremacy and racism. So there is an urge to join with  men of color and fight for racial equality.

On the other side, we have patriarchy and sexism. So there is an urge to join white women and fight for gender equality.

inclusionBut often, at the end of the day, men of color want racial equality, but still support patriarchy.

White women want gender equality, but still support white supremacy.

It’s hard to find enough air to breathe properly. It’s nearly impossible to find enough space to survive, let alone flourish.

Living as a woman of color  is a perilous experience that requires a continual ability to dance on razorblades without getting cut. Living as as a woman of color is being in imminent danger because there is no safety beneath you if you fall. White female allies will not catch you. Men of color will not catch you. If you do not learn to catch yourself, you will fall, and fall hard.

It’s a lonely life knowing people rely on your support, but don’t actually value half of who you are.

I cannot truly hide my race or my sex, and I am continually punished for daring be both a non male and a non white person.

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