By Diversity We mean


By Chris Crass (November 3, 2015)

If by diversity we mean striving to get individual people of color into a handful of highly visible positions that serve to mask and obscure the systematic devaluing, degrading, and brutalizing of communities of color, then no, that is not the diversity we are striving for. If by diversity you mean a corporate capitalism that knows how to market to all communities while stealing the labor and life of communities of color to make the elite wealth, then no that is not the diversity we are working for. 

If by diversity you mean respecting the inherent worth and dignity of all people and the interconnected web of life, and take that to the logic conclusion that we must bring down white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and build up a multiracial democracy rooted in economic, racial, and gender justice, then yes, let us work towards that diversity. And today, all of us who are concerned about and who care about diversity, have a responsibility to our students, to our schools, to our communities, and to ourselves to learn from, support, and join the Black Lives Matter movement today, work against the death culture of racism, and follow the students and younger generation in Ferguson and around the country who are already leading the way.

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