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Rachel Dolezal: A Very American Story

By Chris Lowe An angle on Rachel Dolezal’s actions. Not offered as a comprehensive view, nor an evaluation, and certainly not a defense. Just an angle on which I’ve been reflecting. 

Let’s get rid of the phrase “Preaching to the Choir”

By Joseph Orosco A few weeks ago, I listened to Walidah Imarisha and Gabriel Teodros share their writing from the new speculative fiction collection Octavia’s Brood. They both spoke about using science fiction as a vehicle for sparking the imagination to think about liberation and a socially just future. During the Q & A, someone asked whether or not their…
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Resignation is Not Enough

By Chris Crass No Black liberation people’s movement on the move, no resignation of officer in McKinney, TX. No video, no resignation. People in McKinney speaking out and demonstrating with national outcry and movement: resignation.

Making Cities Safe Through Racial and Class Cleansing

  By Mark Naison As I have been thinking about the growing prevalence of Broken Windows Policing, stop and frisk, and other law enforcement strategies that keep young people of color pinned in their neighborhoods, and in some parts of NYC, pinned in their housing projects, I cannot help look at some of the other things going on in New…
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On Disassociation

By Alex S. Morgan We usually think of dissociation as a coping skill or adaptive behavior associated with trauma, anxiety, and/or sometimes distress related to gender dysphoria, but in reality many people are partially mentally or emotionally checked out, or not fully present in their bodies, during sexual and intimate activities.

Women in Pants, Men in Dresses: A Societal Double Standard

  By Chelsea Whitlow Shay Clothing has long been used to regulate culture and express ones social standing. Whether it’s women wearing corset dresses, a staple in women’s fashion from the 16th -18th centuries, or businessmen wearing two button verse three button suits to the office, clothing is often used as a visual marker of belonging or as a sign…
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Insight Into the Rigid Mindset of White America

  By Paul Messersmith-Glavin From time to time, I get insights into the rigid mindset of white America and realize how some people will never change. Like my grade school friend who recently said she is all in favor of protesting, but also calls the Black youth of Baltimore “thugs” for their rebellion and actually tells people that’s a “race…
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