Sesta/Fosta means Sex Workers Will Die


Phoenix Calida (April 9, 2018)

Have I ever told y’all about my Jack the Ripper stalker on twitter?

Yeah. Some dude was using Jack the Ripper as a handle. He would tweet pics of ripper victims at me and ask if I was a street sex worker, and where I could be found.

People online thought it was hilarious watching these interactions. They’d egg him on, make “jokes” and say things like “I bet you never forgot your first time” People would laugh when he asked I bore any physical resemblance to ripper victims

It went on for months. I’d block him, he’d make a new account, tweet more dead sex workers at me. He’d even send pics of modern day London, all the places ripper victims were found. Pics of “Jack the ripper tours”. Pics of old school surgeon knives. It was terrifying.

The worst part was because Twitter is public, everyone could see it. All people thought it was funny. People would retweet his tweets of dead bodies to me. One guy told me I should be flattered because the only way whores get famous is by murdered by serial killers

I was scared as fuck . And then thru him stalking my social media, he found out I was black and my grandfather was Jewish. It went from Jack the Ripper references to Holocaust pictures and plantation rape jokes

He even went so far as to guess where I was from in Chicago. He told me he wanted to visit, and play a game of slave catcher. And of course, his followers thought it was funny. Because dead hookers, lulz. Instead of ripper victims, now it was murdered American Sex workers

Fortunately, my friends kept me sane. And helped me learn how to screen and monitor other people’s social media better. I’m not saying that guy found me…. I am saying that by learning from my friends, I passed a potential date that looked like Mr. Jack the Ripper

By using available sources to screen, I quite possibly avoided something truly terrible. And now that SESTA/FOSTA has passed… those screening tools are gone.

This situation happened a long time ago. But if it started again right now? I don’t know what I would do.

That story has been in my head ever since this #SESTA #FOSTA bullshit has gone down. Was it really him? Was he going to kill me? Will he ever find me again? Do his followers still think this is a joke? If he did kill me, would anyone even care? Has he killed/hurt others?

This isn’t a game. Sex workers will die because of these laws. what side you really on? If you aren’t supporting team sex workers right now, I can’t fuck with you. Not when men on the internet openly fantasize about killing sex workers. Fin.




Why Can’t We Punch Death Eaters?

By Phoenix Calida (January 5, 2018)

Things I don’t understand-

#TheResistance on twitter.

I just watched a member of the “resistance” with 20k followers and a Princess Leia avatar say that we can’t condone violence or property damage.

Like did you even watch the movies??

I’ve seen various Harry Potter nerds call themselves Dumbledore’s army and compare the mangerine to Voldemort. But then also say punching nazis is bad.

Do you understand the role Voldemort played in the series?? Why can’t we punch death eaters?

I’ve seen “resistance” members using names & Walking dead background images… but be mad that antifa exists and Redneck Revolt has guns.

They have groups dedicated to the Hunger games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Divergent; all kinds of movies, books, comics where the good character literally has to fight the bad character to stop a war, save the world, save their family…

And so many of these folks insist we need to do everything without any violence or property damage. We can’t punch nazis. We can’t break windows. We can’t physically fight.

So, 1. That’s not how it works. You can’t debate genocide over a cup of tea and unradicalize the alt Reich.

2. It’s weird af y’all pick these characters who literally fought against evil and sometimes died in the process. Why pick a character who is willing to be in the streets fighting if you aren’t?

3. If your movement is too shook to punch nazis or the alt Reich, tf are you actually resisting? It’s not fascism, cult45, or the haircrow.


Just Another Day in America as a Black Person

By Phoenix Calida (June 20, 2017)

Just another day in America as a bl*ck person…

Since the Philando Castile verdict came down, all I see is
Bl*ck friends asking about life insurance policies

begging friends to only share the most respectable profile pics, just in case

asking friends to make sure their name is spelled properly in the hashtag

asking friends and family not to be peaceful when it happens.

Making sure an auntie or cousin will take the babies if the worst happens.

Telling each other today how much they love their families and friends, just in case tomorrow doesn’t come.

Picking out songs and outfits for their funerals.

Being scared and frustrated.

Listening to my husband remind that when shots, they’ll probably hit him first and I need to run. Don’t stop. Don’t freeze. Don’t look back. Just run.

This is bl*ck life in America. It’s hard to be fully alive when we’re have dead from birth. Imagine the privilege to live in a world where law enforcement won’t kill you, and if they do a jury of fellow citizens will seek justice for you.

I’ve never been so far removed from the American dream. This life is a nightmare.

Melania’s Speech: Bootstrapping and Manifest Destiny

(July 19, 2016)


Phoenix Calida:

So um, I get all the jokes about Melania plagiarizing.

But can I please just point out that the speech in question was about the moral and ethical superiority of capitalism and boot strapping?

And both white republicans AND white liberals couldn’t stop jizzing themselves over the greatness of the bootstrap message?

There’s an underlying problem when both parties look at people from “unfortunate” circumstances- one black, one an immigrant- and praise their bootstrap struggle, rags-to-riches life rhetoric like The Holy Gospel.

We should be concerned the same words were so popular at political events of parties that are allegedly opposites. These political parties are not for the people as a whole. But we knew that.


Chris Crass:

People seem to have completely missed the point of ‪#‎MelaniaTrump‘s speech. She was giving everyone a glimpse of what it means to Make America Great Again; rich white people so deeply accustomed to taking and benefitting from the fruits of unpaid Black labor, so entitled to it, like Indigenous Nations land through Manifest Destiny, that they can effortlessly and cavalierly claim the work of “subgroups” as their own, and be celebrated for their genius.

Plagiarism? This is Donald Trump and the Angry White People Party reestablishing their vision of the proper ruling order.


You Lied to Us

By Phoenix Calida (June 15, 2016)

Final thoughts on the Pulse shooting-

Something has been bothering me, and I couldn’t land on it until just now.

I realize it was the lie. That’s what’s hurting the most right now.

The lie from the bigots in their own closet. The bigots who are out. The bigots who pretended they weren’t bigots at all.
all of you lied to all of us.

The loud church goers that threaten hell.
The people who stare on the streets when we hold hands.
The people who laugh when we’re called names.
The ones who stand on the floor of government buildings screaming about freedom of religion while pushing ideas to make us subhuman.
The ones who won’t make us wedding cakes or dj our events.
The ones who call child services when we adopt because we are a “danger to children”
The ones who threaten to shoot us if we’re in the wrong bathroom.
The ones who dead name.
The ones who spit on us in the streets.
The ones who won’t hire us.
The one who secretly fantasize about us, but beat us as punishment for their sins.
The ones who call us slurs and try to make us cry.
The ones who threaten rape to correct our behavior.
The ones who call us unnatural abominations.
The ones who leave their own children on the streets for being born this way.
The ones who swear we choose this life for attention.
The ones who don’t understand why we can’t just hide it.
The ones who think we need be locked away because it’s a mental illness.
The ones who think we have an agenda to convert the youth.
The ones who think they can beat and pray the gay away.
The ones who love to remind us we’ll never pass.
The ones who “have gay friends” but don’t support gay rights.

The ones who say “keep it away from me”

You f*cking lied to me. To us.

Because we did keep it away. We kept in a dimly lit club, away from your sensitive eyes. We pay to hold hands and kiss on dance floors inside buildings where we won’t be seen. We sing with our friends under flashing lights that obscure clear vision. We create relationships in secret. In the dark. In a club designated for freaks like us. In a designated safe space where we could just live, and you didn’t have to look at us and be disgusted.

From the outside, you couldn’t see what we are doing.

We did as we were told.

We kept it away from you.

But you murdered us anyway.

You never meant what you said. You don’t want us to merely “keep it away” from you. This isn’t about your physical proximity to women kissing or men holding hands. When you said “keep it away from us” you didn’t mean act straight while on the bus with you, you meant keep it in another realm of existence.

“Keep it away from us” means we aren’t entitled to share the same planet with you. I know that now, but saying “I just don’t wanna see a bunch of queers” doesn’t fully encompass your vitriol. I didn’t fully understand that a few days ago.

We hid in a dark club because of you, because you said that was enough. And you lied. Being in the dark wasn’t enough. Because a club isn’t as dark as a morgue. Or a coffin. Or a freshly dug grave.

And there’s where you’ve wanted us all along.

Standing for Those Who Don’t Get Hashtags


By Phoenix Calida (November 14, 2015)

I’m tired. I’m weary. it’s not that I don’t care about France, it’s that the rest of the world cares about France. It’s a tragedy. It shouldn’t have happened. But the emergency medical care, emergency funds, emergency safe spaces and counseling will be provided for French citizens by default. Continue reading “Standing for Those Who Don’t Get Hashtags”

The Real Horror Behind Racist Halloween Costumes


By Phoenix Calida (October 7, 2015)

Every time I see a racist halloween costume I want to juxtapose it next to the real life consequence of being the person in the picture.  Continue reading “The Real Horror Behind Racist Halloween Costumes”

Behind the Scenes w/ the Guns & Badges

By Phoenix Calida  (July 21, 2015)

policeI was having a convo via pm. Someone suggested I do a ride along with police to “see the other side.” My first instinct was to laugh, but then I realized most people online don’t really know much about me, because I rarely talk about myself as a person. Continue reading “Behind the Scenes w/ the Guns & Badges”

The ‘Swedish Model’ is Not Helpful to Sex Workers


By Phoenix Calida  (July 10, 2015)

People really claim to be pro sex workers and still support the Swedish model.

Pretty sure there’s a special level of hell for ya’ll. Continue reading “The ‘Swedish Model’ is Not Helpful to Sex Workers”

If You Didn’t Have S*it to Say (This Weekend in Chicago)


By Phoenix Calida  (July 8, 2015)

If you didn’t have shit to say when they turned housing projects into high rises and created turf wars; Continue reading “If You Didn’t Have S*it to Say (This Weekend in Chicago)”