Churches Are Not Enough for Social Justice

By Irami Osei-Frimpong (April 13 2018)

There is a weird variety of Protestantism that suggests that the only social institution trained on securing justice is the Church. And everything else is mammon.

So instead of a church exhorting you to go out and love one’s neighbor through organizing a workers union, etc., the church will try to bring the institutions of justice INTO the church, but then those institutions are limited by the church’s capacity, so instead of the community having workers’ unions supporting fair pay in the name of justice, we have soup kitchens in the name of justice.

In truth, we need mediating institutions in order to secure justice.

These mediating institutions may not be centered around a Christian identity in their mission statement, because our neighbors also participate in these institutions and not all of our neighbors are Christian, but these mediating institutions are necessary for doing justice.

And let me be clear, justice is what loving your neighbor looks like in a fallen world.irami

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