Conspiracy Theories of the Left: 5G, Corona Virus, and Aliens

By Arun Gupta (April 10, 2020)

I am on a listserve of leftists who are debating the role of 5G and chemtrails in the pandemic, with some claiming there is no virus at all. One person is even trotting out anti-semite conspiracist David “lizard aliens rule us” Icke.

This isn’t coming out of thin air. These conspiracies on the Left are an updated version of JFK conspiracy theories (one person even raised that, “You no doubt believe the official story of the JFK assassination”).The same people think HIV does not cause AIDS, Lyme disease is a bioweapon gone amok, 9/11 was an inside job, the US invaded Iraq because they were no longer trading oil in dollars, the Bilderberg group runs the world. They also tend to be enthusiastic consumers of quackery, such as reiki, Hellerwork, cupping, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, and so on.

This isn’t politics. It’s a cultish religion. These ideas take hold among people who are desperate to believe there are omnipotent, omnimalevolent forces who control all society, and indeed all of history. But they are the visionary prophets who can see the glorious truth and are trying to bring the good word that if we just eliminate the 5G chemtrails the coronavirus will disappear like magic. They want and need an all-powerful father figure to rage against and to overthrow, and only then can human potential be unleashed.

While I think it’s a mistake to see them as equivalent as Trumpkins, who are genuinely genocidal, there is a parallel with them in terms of lack of basic understanding of science. The pathologies of American society are not purely partisan. There are self-destructive and frankly moronic ideas that manifest themselves in different ways across the spectrum, among fascists, the right, the center, liberals, and the Left.


See below for some choice examples:




“If COVID-19 is not a virus and the cause of the ailment is 5G 60GHz, then wouldn’t it make sense to stay away from hospitals, other buildings, and cruise ships that have 5G installed? What possible vaccine could be developed for this except for another phony pharmaceutical prize, how could someene contract the ailment from droplets of fluid from someone who has it, and how could there be an incubation period? And is all this social distancing, hand washing, wearing face masks, and sheltering-in-place just distractions? Lots of unanswered questions.

“With the relatively recent roll out of 5G 60 GHz in various parts of the world, including near Wuhan, and all the damage it has and will be doing, one has to wonder if we humans are being used as guinea pigs for some nefarious forces. And what might they be up to going forward? What are they planning, building, putting in place right now, in plain sight (if only we were permitted to be outside and watch them)?

“This for me is about connecting the dots, the coronavirus/5G-60/chemtrails (the “aerosolized spraying” of “metallized particulates”)/bio-weapon connection. I appreciate all the contributions folks have been making to this issue”


“We may be looking at several different illnesses, some being caused by a virus, some by 5G and so on. But they’re all being called COVID19.”


David Icke presents interesting thorough discussion of why the tests are bullshit, false positives–in first 30 minutes.…/…
A lot of leftists become furious whenever I post ICKE(he is NOT alt- right so I’m not sure why), so ignore this if you hate Icke.
Icke contradicts himself. Later he says people are getting VERY sick
but it’s from 5 G. Whether it is or not they are rolling out 5G while we are distracted