Did Bundy Really Quit the Militia Movement?

By Jess Campbell (December 11, 2018)

  1. Ammon Bundy did not leave the militia movement. Read what he said. Read more than the headline.
  2. Even if he did leave the militia movement, he would not be a friend to any of us who are trying to build communities accountable to any standard of human dignity. He built his name off of amassing unwieldy groups of people who threatened, stalked, and intimidated whole communities, saving their worst behavior for women, folks of color, immigrants, and political opponents.
  3. The rural and poor white people of Oregon were never behind him and his crew of tacticool fools with unblemished trucks and brand new Carhartts that haven’t seen a lick of work. His support largely comes from disaffected middle class and suburban white guys who think that they’re losing their rights in reaction to liberatory movements.
  4. What Ammon has accomplished is elaborate political theater. Those of us who care about building principled social movements for justice need to help our friends and allies develop the analysis and critical thinking to see the difference.
  5. If anything about this is surprising, you might wanna read Up In Arms, which we developed from collective years of firsthand experience, in-depth monitoring, research, and, most importantly, local resistance and counter-organizing. It’s online for free here.


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