Did you make sure?


By Phoenix Calida

Have you made out a will? Just in case, ya know? You wanna make sure your kids get their inheritance, ya know?

Did you add who will get your kids if….?

Did you make sure to hug your mama and daddy good before they left today?

You need to walk with your head down. You look arrogant and angry when you stand up straight.

I don’t care if it hurts your pride, do not make eye contact with them.

Do you need money for the bus? It’s safer than walking…

Don’t look at anyone on the train platform.

I told you stop taking to white women

I told you don’t make eye contact with white men. Don’t look at him when he touches your body.

Don’t keep a wallet.

Get a funky color cell phone. No plain black.

I love you. Please come home alive.

-things black people say when white people aren’t around.
-things black people say because they’re scared their parents, sons, daughters, friends, and lovers will be the next renisha, trayvon, or Michael.
-things black people say because we know our deaths will go unanswered.
-Thing black people say because we don’t want to today to be the last time we see our loved ones.
-things black people say in hopes that walking quickly, with Downcast eyes will make us smaller targets.

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