Don’t Let Them Dull Our Political Sensibilities Against Fascism in the US

By Joe Lowndes (August 12, 2017)

People are rightly outraged by Trump’s equivocation in condemning “the violence on many sides.” But his comments in no way differ from those of many prominent liberals, like Peter Beinart in The Atlantic last week, who have continually depicted antifascists as thugs and criminals.

Be ready: when the shock of the grisly image of a white supremacist plowing into a crowd of protesters wears off, we will be hearing more and more stories in the media about the antiracist violence and provocation that contributed to the death of one demonstrator and the serious injury of others.

This collective dulling of our moral and, perhaps more important, our political sensibilities weakens our ability to confront a rapidly expanding fascist movement in this country.

Trump has plainly stated where he stands. Sessions has long since directed federal agencies to leave klan, nazi, and militia groups alone. And we saw today as in many other recent instances that local law enforcement only intervenes to protect them.

If we don’t stand with the courageous activists who are daily risking their lives, like the IWW member who was killed today, who will we stand with?



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