Dr. Ford Represents the Resilience of the Wounded

By Mark Naison (September 27, 2018)

I didn’t watch Christine Ford’s testimony, but the pain it has inspired among so many friends, which they have expressed with an eloquence and courage that has moved me to the core, is something I will never forget.

This is a profound historical moment. I just ask for the wisdom and strength to show solidarity with and compassion for so many people who are at the very heart of the communities which give meaning to my life. If I do not hear the cries of anguish, if I do not grapple with my own demons, if I do not contribute to the healing, I am not the person I need to be.

In this moment, know someone hears you, someone loves you, someone remembers that it is the resilience of the wounded that has contributed to our best art, our best music and has shaped those moments in History where humanity takes a step forward.


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