Dystopia Can Offer Caution But Utopia Brings Hope

By Joseph Orosco (November 5, 2018)

The folks at Futurism Studios feel that we have become too entranced by dystopian stories about technology and political developments.  These stories can be good as tales of caution, they say, but too much can nurture cynicism and nihilism.  We need utopian stories to offer us hope:

“So fiction — of the dystopian and optimistic varieties — both have their value. Dystopian stories can be a powerful motivator for societies headed down the wrong path to right themselves. In the same way, utopian fiction illuminates a possible right way forward — the ones that lead to the kind of society we all wanted in the first place.”

They’ve produced a series of short videos that explore how technology might improve our futures rather than mutilate them.

Check them out here.

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