Education No Longer the Sure Way in Our Reality

By Ana Castillo (August 4, 2017)


Sadly, I know of whence she speaks. It is a reality in this country that defies the belief that education is a sure way for all to climb up the economic ladder.

Instead, college grads are in debt, taking on jobs not related to their fields in order to make ends meet, must take more than one job to do so, relocating and leaving supportive communities not for a professional position but to try to put a sustainable life in place, some keep dreaming of start-ups or ‘branding; merchandise with little business savvy and/or little to no collateral or promising business plan.

We look at a world today where millions of human beings are risking their lives immigrating from home to try to survive and help families and are persecuted in every manner by authorities, where babies and children are dying of starvation because the greed of powers that be deny aid, where millions are suffering and dying from treatable diseases for the same reason, and above all, most tragically and shameful, all this should not have been.

With or without substantial income, we may use our learning, our creative minds, our hands joined with hope to continue a resistance of activism and spiritual fortitude. We may do this because there is no other way. No one can stand alone as the vicious agenda of a future dictatorship based on White Supremacy, misogyny and homophobia, xenophobia and further castigation of the growing have-nots grinds forward.

ana castilo

2 thoughts on “Education No Longer the Sure Way in Our Reality”

  1. Mrs. Castillo, I am so happy to read this post! I studied your work n grad school, and have been a fan since. I recently quit my job as an adjunct and wrote my story. It is published and can be found here, but I would like to get a copy to you for free. Please let me know if this is possible.
    Thank you so much,
    Ginger L Franklin

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