Fascism is Now For Real in the US


By Joe Lowndes (May 31, 2017)

There is now a fully-realized fascist social movement in this country. It is not anchored in one party or organization, and it is still amorphous, diverse, and in formation. But it is fully here now.

In this last astonishing week alone we have seen a white supremacist murder in Maryland, and a double-murder in Portland. There was a racist knife attack in Northern California, and two members of the Quinault nation were run down by a truck in Washington, killing one. Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor was just forced to cancel public talks because of over fifty hostile messages, some of which were death threats.

The targeting, threatening, and mobilized doxxing of organizerss, activists, professors, and others has been building steadily for over a year now – gaining momentum through various circuits: internet bulletin boards, public talks by white nationalists, right-wing and libertarian campus organizations, militia groups, the traditional resonance machine of cable television and talk radio, and the GOP itself.

This is – and has been since before the election – one of the most dangerous aspects to Trump’s rise.

We have to stop dismissing talk of neo-fascism as hysterical, overblown, or somehow more European than American. It is nourished by deep strains in US political culture, and made possible by the current arrangement of political, institutional, and economic forces. And we will now be forced to deal with it whether Trump stays or goes.



  1. Evola

    this is all of course assumption, truthfully there are hardly any real fascists in the US, with the largest and most dangerous group being Skinheads and I don’t think you’d struggle to find a true to life fascist ready to denounce them as thugs and degenerates.
    the people committing these crimes are not fascists, they’re purely a bunch of criminals and to tell you the truth, every time a minority is killed or attacked the person doing it isn’t automatically a fascist.

    And what’s this garbage about Trump fueling fascists? the guy has 8 grandchildren, all 8 of them are Jewish; and like all presidents he tows the line for Israel, the #1 ally of the US. the claims that he’s a fascist or that he somehow emboldens fascism is a complete strawman on your part, used to attack an elected president that happens to be a little too patriotic for your liking.

    Until you have proof of a rise in fascism in the US, until you can name real fascists and organizations this narrative will have no credence, fascism is in fact on the decline, it peaked in the 1990’s and all of this that you’re seeing… it’s just confirmation bias

    1. Ebola

      Evola, so let me get this straight. You have not looked into the two cases referenced here, right? The people who murdered these folks are part of fascist groups. As for trump having “Jewish” grandchildren, this is a non sequitur. Fascism is not the same thing as antisemitism, but that would require some basic intellectual understanding. Also, play close attention to the words, since there is nothing here saying that Trump is a fascist, but rather that there is now a recognizable movement. As for groups, here is list of active groups. Oh, wait, I bet you will call this “face news”.

      American National Socialist Workers Party Yes (2006) Yes Neo-Nazism, Radical Traditionalism splinter group of National Socialist Movement
      American Nazi Party Yes (1959) Yes Neo-Nazism parent group of National Socialist Party of America
      Aryan Brotherhood Yes (1967) Yes Neo-Nazism, Christian Identity Possibly affiliated with Aryan Nations
      Aryan Nations Yes (1970s) Yes Neo-Nazism, Christian Identity
      Christian Falangist Party of America Yes (1985) Yes Falangism, Clerical fascism
      Creativity Movement Yes (1973) Yes independent, Neo-Nazism formerly “World Church of the Creator”
      Falange Boricua Yes Yes Falangism parent organization of Movimento Nacional Sindicalista de Puerto Rico
      Kingdom Identity Ministries Yes Yes Christian Identity
      Ku Klux Klan No (1866) Yes independent, Christian Identity Many splinter groups. Predates Fascism. After 1960s some moved toward neofascism.
      LaPorte Church of Christ Yes Yes Christian Identity
      Libertarian National Socialist Green Party Yes (1990s) Yes Neo-Nazism, National anarchism
      National Alliance Yes (1974) Yes Neo-Nazism
      National Socialist Movement Yes (1974) Yes Neo-Nazism Claims descent from the American Nazi Party
      National Socialist Resistance Movement Yes (2008) Yes Neo-Nazism, Strasserism
      New Order Yes (1983) Yes Neo-Nazism, Esoteric Nazism Faction of American Nazi Party led by Matt Koehl
      Reichsfolk Yes Yes Neo-Nazism
      Stormfront.org Yes (1990) Yes Neo-Nazism, ethnonationalist, White Supremacist, White Separatist (mixture). signatory of the New Orleans Protocol
      Volksfront Yes (1994) Yes Neo-Nazism
      White Aryan Resistance Yes Yes Leaderless resistance

      1. Gusty

        Nothing from this decade. Nice. What do you suppose the collective influence of those organizations amounts to? How many senators have they elected? What’s their media share? How many fortune 500 companies do they pull donations from?

        Doxxing? Boo Hoo, cry me a river. Again, let me know when fascists start taking tenured academic and corporate positions where they could actually exert power. Then we’ll talk.

        Just going by the most recent example you used in your article (Portland stabbings)we have screencaps of the guy saying he intended to go to the Portland free-speech rally acting like a neo-nazi in order to smear those attending. Seems to me the stabbings are a logical extension of this mentality. He was a life-long criminal who became mentally ill and brain damaged after being shot in the face by the police. This is evident by how “all over the place” he was in his opinions. It’s clear he just wanted to go out with a bang.

        Poor crybully leftists, there’s never actually any bona fide fascist terrorism.

        1. BJG

          Matthew Heimbach is the founder and leader of the Traditionalist Workers Party (which participated in Charlottesville); Nathan Damigo (who goes by @FashyHaircut on Twitter) is the founder and leader of Identity Evropa (which participated in Charlottesville); Richard Spencer is the de facto leader of the American Alt-Right (which participated in Charlottesville). All are openly fascist or Nazi.

    2. Lora Fraracci


      the systems of FASCISM THAT EVOLA REFERS TO—–> an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
      synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More

      I BELIEVE THIS IS THE FASCISM THAT EBOLA WAS REFERRING TO—-> (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

      So let’s not get nitpicky ok? Just like any ism Sexism, Racism, etc have morphed and changed a bit over time. The words we use to define new ways of thinking about old and ongoing problems are still valid.


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