Feeling Drained After Bernie

By Portia Norton (March 26, 2016)

The Bernie rally was a long line and a long wait. Bernie spoke all the right bullet points. The bird was a special occurrence. Yet, I came off of it feeling depleted and drained. (Though, thankful that I didn’t get a parking ticket for the many hours).

Trying to identify why I felt tired and didn’t ‘feel the Bern,’ I decided to look into rallies of the past, and Portland.  I found this video of Obama visiting Portland in 2008:

Identical bullet points in every respect with shout-outs to women, blacks, hispanics, asians, native americans, gays, the working poor, labor unions, and youth. He called out Wall Street and the bail out of the banksters, and so forth, and even said much more than Bernie had said (in a much shorter period of time). He even had a personality!

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