Fifty Shades and Adult Worthy Erotica

By Phoenix Calida

Aside from the blatant abuse and rape in the 50 Shades story, I can’t help but think there’s so many other indicators of how we view women and sex.

I think what bugs me is the utter infantilization of women’s agency and sexuality that 50 Shades represents. Women aren’t entitled to fuck like adults, women are not entitled to consent, or entitled to being the focus of a sexual encounter. Enjoyment is negotiable, and in the end, you’re supposed to be grateful for a lackluster sexual encounter (or possible rape).

Can we just accept that women like sex, some women like bdsm, and that’s ok?
Women are capable of informed consent and adult worthy sexual encounters and adult worthy erotica. Actual well written, sexy, healthy relationship erotica. Women are capable of fucking like adults, can we perhaps start producing porn and erotica that reflects this agency??








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