Harassment is about Controlling Women’s Space

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Harassment is about Controlling Women’s Space

By Teka Lark (October 24, 2017)

Sexual harassment of women is about keeping women in their place as subordinates.
This can refer to physical space in public transit, public street or figurative space as in the workplace.
This is why what we wear, where we go, and our state of mind when we get there, is seriously looked at before any concern is addressed as real.

Only “good” girls can be harassed. If you are a WOC: you are automatically not good; so no matter what you say, you did something. If you are a white woman: if you ever have done anything that a religious text states is wrong, you are not good. 100% of women who leave the house according to institutional sexism and racism don’t really deserve any consideration anyway, because we aren’t supposed to leave the house, but to work for free as volunteers, or to go to a religious ceremony.

When I was carFREE in LA, not only was I harassed by just random dudes on the street, but also by COPS. I was stopped no less than 5 times for prostitution when I was going to work to teach special education preschool.

(Of course I could have made a complaint, but at the time, I was writing about public transit and didn’t believe in making me the story. In general, the personal anecdote-style journalism, they force POC to do makes me ill, and upholds institutional racism and sexism, because then only one demographic gets viewed as speaking objectively…you see how this is all connected, right?)

In LA, if you take public transit and want to get to work on time, you have to be on the street as early as 3:00 a.m. and you stand in the dark, especially if you work in education.

How are Black women going to stay safe when we’re automatically viewed as “asking for it” by the institution for being alive and being on the public street.

Action: Complete Street design for all communites, so no one ever has to walk around in the dark with no witnesses to harassment by sleazy guys and the police.



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