Why is Violence Not the Answer?

By Phoenix Calida

I will never understand how “violence isn’t the answer” in a country where-

Some of our biggest grossing and most critically acclaimed films and tv shows are about organized crime syndicates;

One of the highest honors you can get is a purple heart or silver cross war medal;

We have more war museums and monuments than anywhere else in the world;

The military has been granted access to recruit and train teens to become killers;

The American Sniper dude is a national hero;

The NRA is one of the largest lobbyists in DC;

We created the private prison industry, and use prison slave labor to produce military gear;

Our biggest budget expenditures are not education or social services, or job growth but military and defense spending;

We give cops military grade gear, (but not functioning body cams) and encourage them to bust black skulls

We leave dead black bodies on the street for hours, but won’t leave the tomb of the unknown soldier during thunderstorms and blizzards;

Police have murdered nearly 1,500 civilians in the last year and a half;

We’ve been at war most of our history;

Violence isn’t the answer now, but it was the answer to gain independence, preserve the union, stop the nazis, and halt the spread of communism?


One thought on “Why is Violence Not the Answer?”

  1. I’ve been wondering if there is a right of self-defense against the police. Does anyone know? If not, why not?

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