Immigrants, Not Donald Trump, “Made New York Great Again”

By Mark Naison (April 18, 2018)

Donald Trump thinks he is the right person to “Make America Great” because he imagines he was responsible for New York’s revival after the Fiscal Crisis of the 70’s. But when you closely examine commerce in city neighborhoods outside of Manhattan, you realize that the very people Trump is attacking–IMMIGRANTS–are the ones who did most to bring New York back from disinvestment, arson, redlining, fiscal crises and drug epidemics

For every Trump building in Manhattan:

There are thousands of bodegas and small delis owned by Dominicans and Yeminis

Thousands of Chinese take out spots

Hundreds of gas stations and Duncan Donuts franchises owned by South Asians

Thousands of nail salons owned by Koreans and Hair Braiding Salon owned by Dominican and West African Women

Along with countless fried chicken spots, coffee shops, clothing stores, and small restaurants owned by people from all over the world

Immigrant commerce is the lifeblood of NY City neighborhoods. Attack immigrants you attack all of us.


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