:  A point or place at which two or more themes interact.

Intersections includes thought pieces written by two or more Anarres Project collaborators on one theme.



“Melania’s Speech:  Bootstrapping and Manifest Destiny” by Phoenix Calida and Chris Crass.

“The Future of Our Society is at Stake”:  Responding to Racist Terrorism in South Carolina, by Javier Cervantes, Mark Naison, and Chris Crass

Is Police Violence Really a Problem of a Few “Bad Apples”?, by Thao Lam and Chris Crass

Remembering the Rodney King Riots, by Chris Crass, Thao Lam, Joseph Orosco

Debt Manifesto:  Allied Students for Another Politics!

On the Relevance of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, by Joseph Orosco

The Continuing Relevance of Martin Luther King, Jr.:  Student Voices, by Joseph Orosco

Should Anarchists Vote?, by Lani Roberts, Christian Matheis, Chris Crass