Just Another Day in America as a Black Person

By Phoenix Calida (June 20, 2017)

Just another day in America as a bl*ck person…

Since the Philando Castile verdict came down, all I see is
Bl*ck friends asking about life insurance policies

begging friends to only share the most respectable profile pics, just in case

asking friends to make sure their name is spelled properly in the hashtag

asking friends and family not to be peaceful when it happens.

Making sure an auntie or cousin will take the babies if the worst happens.

Telling each other today how much they love their families and friends, just in case tomorrow doesn’t come.

Picking out songs and outfits for their funerals.

Being scared and frustrated.

Listening to my husband remind that when shots, they’ll probably hit him first and I need to run. Don’t stop. Don’t freeze. Don’t look back. Just run.

This is bl*ck life in America. It’s hard to be fully alive when we’re have dead from birth. Imagine the privilege to live in a world where law enforcement won’t kill you, and if they do a jury of fellow citizens will seek justice for you.

I’ve never been so far removed from the American dream. This life is a nightmare.

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