Just Futures Symposium Schedule, Nov. 22, 2019

Just Futures Symposium:  Speculative Arts and Social Change

Friday, November 22, 2019

Oregon State University

All Sessions are in the Memorial Union Horizon Room and are Free and Open to the Public.




9-9:10am  Welcome and Introductions


9:15-10:00am  Panel on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Socially Just Pedagogy

Joseph Orosco, Diana Rohlman, and Mohammed Shakibnia


10:05-11:05am Time Capsules, Utopia, and the Ethics of Care

James McDevitt: “Time Capsules: Visiting Speculative Futures with/in the Art Installations of Beatriz Cortez”

Philipp Kneis: “The Politics of Best Intentions: Questioning the Utopia / Dystopia Distinction”

Maurice Hamington & Ce Rosnow “Imagining A More Caring Future: Care Ethics and Poetry”



Break (10 Minutes)


11:15-12:05pm Power and Resistance from Tale to Testaments: The Politics of Margaret Atwood

Malori A. Musselman: “Resistance and Response to Environmental Disaster: The Handmaid’s Tale and the Power of Storytelling”

Courtney Campbell: “From Tale to Testaments: The Power of Story-Telling in Margaret Atwood’s Gilead”


12:15-1pm Keynote Address: Grace Dillon “Indigenous Futurism”


1-2pm Lunch On Your own


2:05-3 Racial Dystopias, and a Future of Restorative Justice

Scott Vignos: “Jemisin’s Dystopic Vision in the Broken Earth Trilogy”

Deidre Keller: “The Below, The Sunken Place, The Upside Down: Representations of Vulnerability in 21st Century America and the Potential for Imagining Liberated Futures”


3:10-4pm Elves, Fantasy Writing, and Decolonizing Role-Play

Colette Ohotnicky: “When the Elves Walk Among Us”

Jason Schindler: “Anthropocene* Games – table-top role-playing pedagogies for diversifying, decolonizing, indigenating, and organizing (*: term actively challenged)”


Break (15 mintues)


4: 15-5pm Keynote: Alex Riccio “Imagining a Better Utopia”


5pm Musical Performance by Space Neighbors


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