Lessons I’ve Learned this Year


By Phoenix Calida

1. Robin Williams passing is a tragedy and we should do something about mental illness… unless we’re talking about Amanda Bynes, because mocking her for being “crazy” is hilarious. *sidenote* this applies to everyone who isn’t a well loved celeb, so really mocking almost anyone with mental illness is ok.

2. It’s a tragedy when 2 cops are killed by a mentally ill man, but it’s business as usual when a black person Is murdered by police every 28 hours 

3. It’s legit to bomb schools and murder children in Palestine, because those kids are asking for it somehow.

4. Ebola is suddenly curable if white people are scared they might catch it.

5. Obamacare is evil because poor people don’t deserve health care. *sidenote* poor don’t deserve living wages either.

6. Blackface and domestic violence are still hilarious, and the fact we can laugh about a black woman being beaten unconscious proves we are post racial and post patriarchy. *sidenote* you’re a soulless sack of shit of you dress up like victims from a (white) school shooting tho.

7. Pumpkin Riots are harmless drunken shenanigans, but protests about police brutality are barbaric and animalistic.

8. The world feels entitled to women’s bodies and if people can’t physically access you, they hack your nudes and then slut shame you for having the nudes that they stole.

9 white revisionist history means kim Kardashian and Sarah baartman have similar lives. *side note* white revisionist history is also used to go back and call any black person empowered or a thug, whatever the situation needs for whiteness to retain control.

10. Black men expect black women to march in Ferguson but couldn’t pick Renisha’s face out if their lives depended on it.

11. People will cape for Iggy because white tears still out value black lives.

12. Wasting water to pour it over your head and seeing movies that make fun of assassinating world leaders is true activism. Actually going out and marching or getting supplies for protesters is being a thug and unnecessarily disrupting people’s days.

13. It’s still ok to dead name, misgender, and abuse trans people.

14. No matter how blatantly or openly black, latinx, native, people of color, lgtbqia folks, or women are abused, shamed, assaulted, or injured, there will be people in places of power to rationalize the abuse and blame the victim.

15. Saying ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ is divisive, because it’s doesn’t Include the white lives that already capture the media spotlight. It’s also divisive to note black trans, queer, and women’s lives have value because it’s taking up room in the white/male/cis/het spotlight

Did I miss anything?

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