Let Me Tell You Why I Feel So Drained

By Yoko Arisaka (November 12, 2016)

Let me tell you why I personally feel so drained about this whole mess that is the now… These are some of the actual things that were said to me in my 20’s:
“Can we fuck or should I apologize?”
“Hoo, relax, girl, man, you do need a pussy massage!”
“Heard that Asian chicks have slanted pussy–I need to examine it.”
“Hey Yellow Cab! Hey, here!” (waving a hand)
Countless others similar, and if I got mad, the response was laughter and: “a joke, get it, uptight bitch, or maybe you don’t understand English?” accompanied by laughter.
Many of you know exactly what I am talking about. It is this kind of mentality, this level of vulgarity, this kind of disregard, that has been vindicated now. That’s why I feel exhausted.

For many of us, it is not about who won and who lost. It is about the fact that for so many people, inhumanity, baseness, and cruelty don’t seem to mean much. That these qualities “should also be heard” because, well, apparently, some smartass liberals have silenced it.
No. I am going to remain mad as hell. I am going to shout if necessary. I don’t need a fucking pussy massage.
I hesitated to post this but I think I will.

One thought on “Let Me Tell You Why I Feel So Drained”

  1. Yes, it really bothers me that the evil president-elect is being rewarded for bad behavior, cruelty, sadism toward people. While good people suffer.

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