Melania’s Speech: Bootstrapping and Manifest Destiny

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Melania’s Speech: Bootstrapping and Manifest Destiny

(July 19, 2016)


Phoenix Calida:

So um, I get all the jokes about Melania plagiarizing.

But can I please just point out that the speech in question was about the moral and ethical superiority of capitalism and boot strapping?

And both white republicans AND white liberals couldn’t stop jizzing themselves over the greatness of the bootstrap message?

There’s an underlying problem when both parties look at people from “unfortunate” circumstances- one black, one an immigrant- and praise their bootstrap struggle, rags-to-riches life rhetoric like The Holy Gospel.

We should be concerned the same words were so popular at political events of parties that are allegedly opposites. These political parties are not for the people as a whole. But we knew that.


Chris Crass:

People seem to have completely missed the point of ‪#‎MelaniaTrump‘s speech. She was giving everyone a glimpse of what it means to Make America Great Again; rich white people so deeply accustomed to taking and benefitting from the fruits of unpaid Black labor, so entitled to it, like Indigenous Nations land through Manifest Destiny, that they can effortlessly and cavalierly claim the work of “subgroups” as their own, and be celebrated for their genius.

Plagiarism? This is Donald Trump and the Angry White People Party reestablishing their vision of the proper ruling order.



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