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No More Concentration Camps: A Movement Beginning

By Joseph Orosco (June 25, 2019)

Many people have responded in the last week to Arun Gupta’s call for a movement to end the mass detention of immigrants at the US/Mexico Border.  He has created a Facebook social media presence to coordinate efforts:

He adds the following:

“Hey Folks, I know many of you are eager to get involved in a national campaign against the concentration camps. We will be getting out a national call soon. This requires a lot of moving parts: lots of outreach to media, an interactive events website, fundraising, social media, design, and so on. Al of this is in motion and will happen very soon.
We are using a self-organizing model, as with Seattle and the Global Justice Movement and Occupy Wall Street.
You can get a head start by organizing your community. The goal is to get as many people down to a few key border cities this summer in the hopes it eventually takes off like Standing Rock.
But this will require extensive support on the ground as well as from afar. We aim to have coordinated days of action so everyone around the country can participate.
The first goal is simple: NO CONCENTRATION CAMPS!

There is a Facebook page you can join and start creating discussion threads. More social media and a website will be on the way very soon — within days!



  • P McDonald June 26, 2019Reply

    Follow the money. Those responsible for the camps need to stand trial,and serve time.
    Event on July 12th.
    Scroll down to find an event near you, or start your own!

  • Dovie winter July 28, 2019Reply

    I hate the idea of little kids being locked up.that is my concern herei want to find a group that wants to donate items for these there a website for that ?


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