No words for shaming

By Phoenix Calida

Let’s discuss opposites.

Slut. a word that is applied to women to degrade them. It can be based actual sexuality that defies puritanical patriarchy, assumed promiscuity, rumors, or clothing choices. Women have been shamed, ostracized, and kicked out of social circles for being slut shamed.

What is the male equivalent of this term?

Nigger. Used to degrade, dehumanize, and oppress black people for centuries. It’s been a word black people have heard during their last breath when being lynched, before passing out when being beaten by cops. It’s a word they’ve heard when being chased by white supremacists.

What is the white equivalent of this word?

Spic. Not only used as a racist term, but also to mock assumed country of origin.
Is there a white equivalent of this word?

Fag/faggot- what is the straight equivalent of this word?

Dyke. What is the straight female equivalent of this word?

Other slurs against the trans and queers communities. What is the cis version of these words?

Other racial slurs against asians, muslims, latinos… what are the white versions of these words?

But remember kids, reverse racism, cis oppression, hetero shaming, male sexuality shaming, natural born citizen shaming are all valid things.
So valid in fact, we don’t have words for them.


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