Our Children Deserve More than the Death Culture of White Supremacy


By Chris Crass (October 6, 2015)


I feel confident in saying that the guy who did this and his racist friends would not only righteously declare “they aren’t racists”, they would likely make the argument that it’s the politically correct who can’t take a joke, who are the real racists. We must understand the modern day psychology of white supremacy in day to day practice.

White supremacy entitles white people to, in all seriousness, feel that they are the true non-racists, the “above all this race divisiveness” while simultaneously debasing, and assaulting Black humanity, even viciously going after three year old ‪#‎Cayden‬. And then for white people to genuinely feel that they are the true victims of racism, while living in a society in which the resources of capitalism and white citizenship are literally built on the bodies of hundreds of years of enslaved Africans, and the brutal exploitation of another hundred years of Jim Crow apartheid. 

This is the death culture of white supremacy, this is what all white children are abandoned to be socialized into, unless anti-racism takes hold in the hearts, minds and souls of white people all over the country who unite with the Black-led movement for Black Lives Matter and work to uproot the anti-Black racism of this death culture. And all over the country, tens of thousands of white people are rising up for racial justice. White anti-racist must became the leaders, parents, teachers, visionaries, all our children deserve.

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