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Creating Safety Without Guns- An Inner City Love Story

By Mark Naison One of the reasons I am haunted by the death of Michael Brown is that I have worked with young people in highly charged settings and have seen what they can accomplish when people who command their respect guide them, challenge them, inspire them and love them. This is a story that will help you understand where…
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Social Work and Structural Analysis

  By Thao N. Lam “I want to do more for my clients, but I can’t. Then I can’t look at my phone and see the news about Ferguson. I feel awful,” said a social service colleague, blinking back tears of frustration and anger.

Gender Presentation is Not Identity

By Alex S. Morgan Friendly reminder: gender presentation and identity are not the same thing. Too often we either just guess, or only ask someone’s pronouns if they’re visibly androgynous or gender-non-conforming. (I can count on one hand the number of people who asked me mine before I cut my hair, though I was out as genderqueer for years.)

Our Children Learn By Watching


  By Phoenix Calida If you talk to me about “you can’t be going down to ferguson, you have kids you need to raise”I Will Cuss Out So Bad you will cry.

What Does “Peace” Mean in Ferguson?

  By Chris Crass So I’m seeing all these pictures from last night of adults trying to convince young Black people to leave the streets and only protest during the day in Ferguson, and this is being heralded by the police and mainstream media as “helping bring peace to Ferguson“.

Ferguson Protests are About More than Police Brutality

By Mark Naison The problems of America’s poor have been “off the grid” for some time. Politicians of both parties reserve their concern for the middle class, fearing that any reference to poverty will destroy their electoral appeal.

“Everybody’s Gotta Eat”: Homelessness in Corvallis

  By Vernon Huffman “Everybody’s gotta eat,” explained the Stone Soup volunteer with a smile. Every day people from the Corvallis area come together in one of two churches to share a free meal prepared by volunteers. There are no forms to fill out, no sermons to sit through, and no questions asked; just good food for hungry people, often…
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“Think About Who Your Neutrality Hurts”

White and Black Opinion Differs on the Importance of Ferguson for Race By Joseph Orosco and Phoenix Calida The Pew Center for People and Press conducted a survey last week to ask Americans  their views on the top news stories and to gauge their reactions to the developments in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of Michael Brown.  The results are…
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