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Immigrants and the Global City

By Mark Naison The first wave of anti-immigrant hysteria in the US took place before the Civil War and was directed at Irish Catholic immigrants. It led to the formation of the Know Nothing Party and also sparked mob attacks on Catholic institutions in many northern cities

Poverty and Eating Well: It’s Not So Easy

  By Phoenix Calida I’ve always hated the food shamers.The people who think it’s easy for a family in poverty to eat healthy/vegan/vegetarian. The articles that talk about poor people food and then showcase recipes actual poor people can never afford. 

Are Public Schools Focal Points of Failure In a Successful Society?

  By Mark Naison   Many critics of our public schools imply that public education is an ugly center of failure in a largely successful society. However, singling out public schools for failure relative to other spheres of America economic and social life, such as our banking system, housing market, and medical system does not hold up on close scrutiny.

Learning from June: New Self-Love and Respect

  By Chris Crass “I am a feminist, and what that means to me is much the same as the meaning of the fact that I am Black: it means that I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.” – June Jordan 

Football, Violence, and the Language of Male Domination

  By Mark Naison Some of the best times of my youth and well into my 20’s took place on a football field. Like many young men who played the game, I needed an outlet for the violence inside me. An outlet that would bring me respect, camaraderie and the friendship of other men, a friendship that crossed racial and…
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Men Need to Co-Create Feminist Liberation

  By Chris Crass For all of us who have been raised with male entitlement, backed with the threat of socially condoned or ignored (unless video taped) violence, we must take pause in this moment to re-commit ourselves to NOT be abusers, to NOT use violence (physically or emotionally) in our families and communities, and TO help raise boys to…
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Some Thoughts on Police Reform

  By William J. Jackson   1. Re-write the 13th amendment to remove legal slavery from prisons and actually abolish it. 2. Cops have to earn guns.A. A gun is only issued after two promotions and a year minimum is required for each promotion.B. Rubber bullets? (still thinking about that one) 3. When a person kills a citizen while in the…
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How Systems of Oppression Avoid Scrutiny

  By Phoenix Calida   Sex work. Domestic violence. Police brutality. Racism. Misogyny. Every argument has the same basic principle. “But if you, the victim, didn’t do “x”, then “y” wouldn’t have happened”.

The Individuals Who Serve and Protect

  By Mark Naison The United States is a rapidly changing society in ways that complicate the debate over the deaths of Michael Brown and Evan Garner. There are now many whites who are part of multiracial extended families and have partners, children, or grandchildren who are people of color; an experience which may lead them to identify powerfully with…
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