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Everyone Can Wear Dresses

  By Chris Crass “If anyone says ‘boys can’t wear dresses’, tell them that everyone can wear dresses and lots of boys in your family wear dresses,” I explained. My son, River, picked out one of his dresses to wear to pre-school today.

Business As Usual: The Reality of Trickle Down Violence

  By Alex N. Riccio   On August 7th, 2014; amidst the second of three failed ceasefires in Gaza (where U.S. weapons and diplomatic backing has been directly responsible for the loss of more than 2,000 lives) a U.S. drone strike killed at least five unidentified people in Pakistan.

A Fair Shot at the Middle Class

By Mark Naison The US now features higher levels of economic inequality than it has since the late 19th century, a condition characterized by stagnant wages, bloated CEO compensation, insupportable levels of consumer and student debt and a housing crisis featuring families doubling and tripling up while millions of homes and apartments stand vacant. Until incomes rise for the majority…
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The White Community Must Be Divided

  By Chris Crass A nearly all white rally supporting police officer Darren Wilson chant “shoot, shoot, shoot”, in response to a nearly all Black rally chanting “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”. This is America, and this is why the “white community” must be divided, and every person racialized as white who can be saved from the disease, the horror, the…
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From East LA to Ferguson: The long line of violent police response to communities of color

  By Joseph Orosco The protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the past month have captured the nation’s attention, including many commentaries on the Anarres blog.  The on going tension draws attention to various issues:  continued racial inequality and white supremacy in the United States, and increasing militarization of civilian police forces across the country.

An Epidemic of Police Violence on Communities of Color

  By Javier Cervantes   A friend sent me this report that made me think a little. So I had to respond.   The claim that there is a double standard as it applies to the little outrage over the killing of an unarmed White male shot by a Black officer serves as a classic example of trying to distract from…
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The Voices of Liberalism

  By Chuck Morse   “I’m sure there’s some sensible policy solutions we should push to address this pressing issue.” -the voice of liberalism

Ferguson is a Window to the New Jim Crow

  By Mark Naison Our political leaders and the business elites they serve are hoping the passionate discourse about police practices, race and class inspired by the death of Mike Brown and the events that followed will disappear and fade into the background the way Occupy Wall Street did when its encampments were evicted. They are probably right.

We Need White Anti-Racist Activists

By Chris Crass The murder of Michael Brown and the People’s Movement in Ferguson have again shown that we need visionary, strategic, and dynamic white anti-racist organizers, leaders and activists to move large numbers of white people away from the status-quo worldview and agenda of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and towards collective liberation.

On Privilege, Leadership, and Passing the Mic

By Alex S. Morgan This morning, Pagan activist and author Thorn Coyle wrote the following on Facebook: White people: when a group asks you to come speak on social and racial justice issues and organizing, please ask if you can also put them in touch with an African American, or Latina, or… and be willing to give up your slot if need be….
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Creating Safety Without Guns- An Inner City Love Story

By Mark Naison One of the reasons I am haunted by the death of Michael Brown is that I have worked with young people in highly charged settings and have seen what they can accomplish when people who command their respect guide them, challenge them, inspire them and love them. This is a story that will help you understand where…
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