Philando: May Your Murder Break This Evil System

By Teka Lark (June 17, 2017)

I foolishly thought, because he was nice, they had a video, white people liked him, he had a job, he had been stopped 52 times for no reason, he didn’t have a record, they had a video, they had a video, they had a video, white people liked him, white people liked him— I thought for a second— I thought the police murdered the wrong Black person this time.

You can’t just go around shooting nice Black people, because if you shoot nice Black people in a nice place like Minnesota then you as a country are saying that you no longer want to talk or have potlucks or lessons on diversity or rainbow picnics, you are saying negotiations are over and you can’t be saying that, because we’re all nice, we’re all nice people. Nice people talk and make laws.

But then I remember I live in the US and while on a personal level in my heart I am sad, disappointed and angry that Black people keep being murdered in state sanctioned and ENCOURAGED violence by the police department who the developers, lawyers, judges, politicians, random rich people hire, pay and direct — I understand that this is no accident. This is no mistake. And my family’s 400+ years in this county and 255 years working as slaves in the Garden District in New Orleans yells in my brain, “Why the fuck are you surprised AGAIN. This country doesn’t give a fuck about you. Everyday you waste your fucking time caring and thinking you can do anything in this current system, but die is a day wasted. Go get another cocktail girl, before the bar closes, because this is all done.”

The US is designed so BLACK people don’t leave the house except to work at an art show as security and if you are Black and you leave the house you better have on your Securitas uniform. Not because it will stop you from being murdered, but because it will make 3/10 white people sad instead of what is typically 1/10, because this is all about fucking symbols and mainstream (white) appeal.

“That was a good Black person ‘they’ shot. That Black person had a job and the white people at their job liked this Black person. We should do something, let’s light a candle and sing.”

The marching, voting, the handmade posters, this is all about symbols. Black people being murdered is a performance for the liberals to come together in some more preaching to the choir bullshit potluck that does nothing to challenge the system.

May your murder break this evil system #PhilandoCastile


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