Prayer for a Justice that Abolishes this Racist Society

By Chris Crass

“It will be investigated as a hate crime” committed at nearly every level of U.S. society. This is a mass murder that screams throughout the history of this racist country. A mass murder of Black people at a historic Black church rooted in Black liberation struggle. 

A white mass murderer rooted in a tradition of white supremacist horror at the core of U.S. political economy and culture. A white mass murder pulling the trigger that has stolen these Black lives and so many throughout history. A white mass murderer who will be so thoroughly treated as a marginal individual beyond the pale, because this wicked, sick, mass murdering white supremacist nation has perfected the performance of reacting in horror to such acts, while expanding and profiting from the very soul crushing, life stealing, Black holocaust producing system that relies on anti-Black violence at every level.

White people, the choice before us is clear and it is bleak. We are either resisting this murderous structural white supremacist society, or we are aiding and abetting the everyday “normal” of the Black holocaust. These are ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ times, and it is time for extraordinary revolutionary change for collective liberation with Black liberation at the center. Praying for the people of ‪#‎Charleston‬, praying not for justice within this racist society, but justice that abolishes this racist society.

One thought on “Prayer for a Justice that Abolishes this Racist Society”

  1. I’m ashamed of my culture and tradition … I could say ‘race’ but won’t, because there’s only one race, the human race and we all came out of Africa at some point.

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