Progress Worth Celebrating (But It Doesn’t End Here)

By Alex S. Morgan  (June 26, 2015)

This is progress worth celebrating. It doesn’t stop here, and there is so much left to do, especially for LGBT folks who have been multiply marginalized: sex workers, immigrants, folks with complex health needs, the incarcerated, and queer and trans people of color, but celebrating these milestone victories gives us the momentum to keep going.

Same-sex marriage also impacts transgender folks in opposite-gender relationships whose ability to marry–or not–relied on being able to change their gender marker, then having the state recognize that change. There will be more than a few straight couples celebrating today because they, too, can finally have their marriage recognized in every state.

The only downside? We may be that much further away from deconstructing state-sanctioned, secular marriage, and letting individuals make contractually binding life partner relationships with multiple people to recognize an expanding definition of family. But this is a beautiful victory, and we’ve come a long way. Let’s salute everyone from the trailblazers and revolutionaries to the fundraisers and campaign managers that made this day possible. A revolution takes all kinds.

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