Progressives Must Disrupt and Challenge

By Harsha Walia (August 11, 2015)

Everyone everywhere complaining about grassroots activists not being ‘strategic’ or ‘effective’ by targeting so-called Left politicians – you’re wrong.

In addition to the undeniable ethical right for movements of oppressed peoples to self-determine and choose their tactics towards freedom, as well as the fact that all politicians are fair game as ‘public’ representatives, it *is* in fact strategic and effective.

i mean the Right doesn’t give a shit what the progressive base thinks, so if you are not going to be an uncritical card-carrying loyalist, then fck yeah target and disrupt and challenge those that claim to represent you. that’s how they are forced to shift the conversation (some might argue co-opt but that’s a different conversation). i think the onus is on you to convince me how that isn’t the most effective tactic ever in the context of electioneering? 

i hate election time. not only coz of the farce that it is, but the posturing and divisiveness it creates about voting vs non-voting. I personally don’t believe voting is a long-term solution or strategy towards transformation, and I also fully appreciate and trust that those who vote as a short-term/necessary tactic within the ongoing struggle for freedom know what’s up. we’re comrades and friends and i’d rather pick a fight with the powers that be than with each other about ‘whose more radical’ or ‘being irresponsible’ etc. so let’s not let this loooong election campaigning get us twisted.


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