Putting Our Hopes in Mueller was Lazy Politics

By Arun Gupta (April 2, 2019)

While I stayed away from the Russia controversy because I thought it was overblown, I did write an article in December 2016 pointing out of course Russia would want to destabilize the U.S. Putin is a brutal authoritarian and Islamophobe who persecutes journalists and the LGBT community. He carried out a program of such intense ethnic cleansing in Chechnya it rose to the level of genocide. Plus, the U.S. has been trying to destabilize Russia and the Soviet Union before that for the last century, so why the hell wouldn’t he want to return the favor?

One of the vilest aspects of this whole mess is how many Leftists are willing idiots for Putin and Russian state media. Every time I see a post about Russia, I see dimwitted leftists defending RT despite the fact it promotes and defends white nationalists, the alt right, the Milos, the Alex Jones. They are enemies of liberation, equality, and social justice in every way that FOX News is. But harebrained Leftists screech, “But they are no worse than FOX News!” As if that is the standard we should aspire to.

One final note. I like many other journalists thought pinning the hopes on Mueller was always a bad move. It’s lazy politics. You have to organize for change. The system is the problem, not the solution.
Instead, other journalists and I have focused our energies on reporting. For the last two years, when I haven’t been working on my food book, I’ve been writing about the rise of violent white nationalists, the attacks on immigrants, refugees, and Muslims, climate change, labor reporting, the Occupy ICE movement, among other stories. Compare that to the shady Left journalists who spent all their time obsessing over the Russia obsession. They are now taking glee in the Mueller report despite the fact it’s clear that Barr is engaged in a cover-up. No one could come to the conclusion in two days there was no obstruction of justice by Trump. In 1992 Barr sabotaged the Iran-Contra investigation that was gearing up to indict George H.W. Bush. That’s why Trump installed him as AG, to sabotage the Mueller report. But some Left journalists have so lost their way they are dancing with glee, trying to act as if Trump did nothing wrong. Just to own the Libs.


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