Radical Dad Solidarity From One Mall to Another


By Chris Crass (February 14, 2016)

Walking through the mall, one hand talking on the phone with a fired up young activist man about an awesome project he wants to do interviewing men about feminism, healthy masculinities and bringing down patriarchy, and the other hand feeding August his bottle. I got a few nods from grandfather looking men, of “you go”, and I imagined that on a deep level, they were expressing not only gratitude for dads caring for babies and children, but also expressing their solidarity with the larger vision and project of ending the nightmare of patriarchy in all of our lives. 

I imagine a growing convergence of men who refuse to be the soldiers of sexism, who join with multi-gendered movements for feminist revolution, who know that our ability, as men, to fully love and be alive in our humanity is tied to the liberation of us all from white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

And yes, being a kid growing up in the suburbs of Southern California, the mall, for me, is a site of revolutionary potential and organizing! May it be so!

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