Regarding Religion and Atheism


By Phoenix Calida

I think we tend to miss the bigger picture. Nobody could ever deny the harm that has been done in the name of “god”. Rape, genocide, slavery, sexism, crusades, witch trials, capitalistic class structure, and on, and on.

On the other hand, religion, has brought about some positives. Some people have used their faith to help others. But just as many have used their faith as justification to be a murderous, sexist, racist asshole.

Are atheists different?
 Sure some atheists are amazing people. 
And.. some atheists have used “science” in the way of eugenics or evolutionary psychology to justify racism, sexism, and genocide.

Atheism itself isn’t some sort of saving grace. The only reason the atheist community hasn’t committed atrocities on a global scale is because atheists lack enough unified central power to pull it off. If Richard Dawkins and his followers had control over immigration policy in the U.S., would things look much different?

richard dawkins

If atheists who are anti immigration banded together would they look and act differently than the Christians who currently deny entry to children and parade around the border with guns to shoot the “illegals”?

Cause thing is… if you’re the type of person to believe you have an inherent right to oppress others because god and/or your preacher said it was okay, you’re also the same type of person to endorse racism or sexism because a scientific study and your favorite atheist said it was okay.

Dissing religion only holds holy books accountable for bad behavior. If we actually want an egalitarian society, we need more than religion or atheism. We need a society that actual values and pushes egalitarian ideals. The presence or absence of deities is irrelevant to that. Just sayin’.

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