Some Thoughts on Police Reform


By William J. Jackson


1. Re-write the 13th amendment to remove legal slavery from prisons and actually abolish it. 
2. Cops have to earn guns.
A. A gun is only issued after two promotions and a year minimum is required for each promotion.
B. Rubber bullets? (still thinking about that one)
3. When a person kills a citizen while in the cop uniform, their name is released and they are charged federally for murder.
4. Right now there are folks deemed too intelligent to be cops… THAT NEEDS TO STOP!

One more that I’m still thinking about and this would negate number 2.

5. Draw districts so folks can vote on who they want to be the cops patrolling their area and you serve a term as a cop.


William J Jackson is a writer living in Florida.  He is the host of the podcast “Father Teresa’s Wine Cellar“.

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