Star Wars and the Lessons of Good Parenting on Father’s Day

By S. (June 18, 2017)

As is natural on Fathers Day, our minds turn to the original Star Wars trilogy. Instead of focusing on Vader as is custom on this day, I urge you all to consider Uncle Owen Lars. Luke spends the entire trilogy mourning the death of Obi Wan and obsessing over Vader.

But Owen was there since infancy. Owen changed diapers. He made Luke drink his blue milk. He showed him how to fight off Sand People. He and Luke stayed up all night prepping for the Mos Eisley Unified School District’s Region 4 spelling bee. He took him to The Gap and bought him the trendy bathrobe that all the kids were wearing. And he taught Luke how to pilot.

The destruction of the Death Star is due to Owen Lars as much as it is to Luke. Yet, Owen dies and is completely forgotten about (#dadsinfridges).

Owen and Beru prove that parenting is often not appreciated but the benefits of good parenting can have galactic ramifications.


So Happy Father’s Day, Owen Lars, the true hero of the rebellion.

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