Starbucks Shows Black People No Longer Have Public Spaces

By Teka Lark (April 17, 2018)

Boycott all Starbucks. Not just the one. The good white people need to learn too.

Why I do the work that I do. I will not share the video of two Black men being removed by the Philadelphia police from Starbucks, because a white person was “afraid” (they aren’t afraid, they are racist) and I will not normalize and desensitize people to the sight of Black people being brutalized.

Google it.

We no longer have public spaces. We have private spaces masquerading as public space. The dismantling of our public spaces came around the time that Supreme Court (thank you elders who participated in the Civil
Rights movement) granted Black people the right to be in public spaces.

Black people couldn’t go to the library, public pool. Before you fix your mouth to discuss or give commentary on the Black Church, understand that was the only place Black people could legally allow to meet up until some places as late as the 1970s.

So, now we have private spaces masquerading as public spaces, and Jim Crow masquerading as trespassing, and people making barely over minimum wage calling the police, and the police taking their word. Because the word of a barista protecting a white company is worth more than a Black person who is a real estate agent.


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