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Is the US flag racist like the Confed. flag?

By Chris Lowe  (July 21, 2015) Boston, probably 1974. During conflict over school desegregation, supposedly, but mostly, not really over “busing.” At Government Center, near the New City Hall. I was in high school in a Boston suburb at the time.

Is Obama a “Transformational” President?

  By Chris Lowe  (June 29,2015) This piece is dead wrong. Barack Obama is comparable to Grover Cleveland. We live in a time of narrow politics, and Obama has not had the juice to broaden them, nor the inclination. 

Against the Tools of Murder

  By Chris Lowe My circle of Facebook connection has been circulating information about efforts to reduce transportation related deaths particularly car-on-bike and car-on-pedestrian deaths to zero. Why is a similar aim to reduce murder to zero ridiculous? To change the culture to reduce the idea that interpersonal violence can solve problems and is a legitimate way to do so? 

Rachel Dolezal: A Very American Story

By Chris Lowe An angle on Rachel Dolezal’s actions. Not offered as a comprehensive view, nor an evaluation, and certainly not a defense. Just an angle on which I’ve been reflecting.