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Men Need to Co-Create Feminist Liberation

  By Chris Crass For all of us who have been raised with male entitlement, backed with the threat of socially condoned or ignored (unless video taped) violence, we must take pause in this moment to re-commit ourselves to NOT be abusers, to NOT use violence (physically or emotionally) in our families and communities, and TO help raise boys to…
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How Systems of Oppression Avoid Scrutiny

  By Phoenix Calida   Sex work. Domestic violence. Police brutality. Racism. Misogyny. Every argument has the same basic principle. “But if you, the victim, didn’t do “x”, then “y” wouldn’t have happened”.

Let Us Be Tender and Powerful

  By Chris Crass I feel it in my body. I feel it circling, at times weeping, other times screaming, around the beginning and ending of my wandering thoughts. The pain and trauma of the injustice and devastation this Summer has experienced.

Business As Usual: The Reality of Trickle Down Violence

  By Alex N. Riccio   On August 7th, 2014; amidst the second of three failed ceasefires in Gaza (where U.S. weapons and diplomatic backing has been directly responsible for the loss of more than 2,000 lives) a U.S. drone strike killed at least five unidentified people in Pakistan.

Books for feminist men

Chris Crass has a new essay in response to the recent Isla Vista massacre.  In it, he discusses the ways in which men need to begin to confront the cultural violence of misogyny the nurtures the world views of young men such as Elliot Rodgers.  Chris calls on men to engage with feminist theory, in particular: “As men, we must…
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