The Problem with Capitalism Isn’t Work–It’s the Lack of Freedom and Meaning

By Harsha Walia (October 1, 2018)

I’ve been thinking on something I have been hearing a lot this past year.

The critique of capitalism isn’t that we work.

Capitalism sucks because it creates conditions where labour is extracted, where we dont control our means of production, we are alienated from the process of production under a proft-driven wage economy, and that not all work is valued equally.

Autonomy and control of labour is the key here, not that we labour at all.

Living literally requires labour; non capitalist and sustainable economies are incredibly work-intensive (food production, child rearing etc). If you have ever spent time listening to elders speak about their early lives, their days were full of work – harvesting, washing, gathering, building, walking sunup to sundown. The whole point of the capitalist dream is that money replaces the need to work for rich people.

I think this precision matters because I think its dangerous that many people articulate that an ideal world will mean less work – no it won’t. It will mean more purposeful work where we control what we produce and where labour is equally valued within communities where kinship relations define us more than our work.


Gendered Violence is Large Scale Violence

By Harsha Walia (November 9, 2017)

In the wake of the latest news, Ive been meditating a lot the past day about this suggestion of “domestic violence leads to more serious mass violence” and that we need to see domestic violence as a “warning sign” or “gateway” to “public violence”.

Yes, the violences are correlated, but to relegate gendered violence to the intimate, the interpersonal, the individual – and hence disconnected from macro-spheres of power – is the functioning of patriarchy.

What do we perpetuate when we dont name gendered violence as itself mass-based violence impacting masses of people? Who benefits from the distinction between the so-called public and private spheres (whether sexualized violence or gendered labour)?

Our bodies are not gateways and we are not guinea pigs; gendered violence is mass structured violence.


Progressives Must Disrupt and Challenge

By Harsha Walia (August 11, 2015)

Everyone everywhere complaining about grassroots activists not being ‘strategic’ or ‘effective’ by targeting so-called Left politicians – you’re wrong. Continue reading “Progressives Must Disrupt and Challenge”

Expanding the Feminist Response to Jian Ghomeshi


By Harsha Walia

I’m still waiting on the feminist response to Gomeshi and rape culture and ‘why women don’t report’ that goes beyond the generic feminist (read: white middle class) answer of fear/disbelief/stigma. Continue reading “Expanding the Feminist Response to Jian Ghomeshi”

Tried, Tested, True Five Step Strategy for “Domestic Threats and Attacks”


By Harsha Walia

Regarding the incident in Ottawa yesterday:

1. Immediately characterize the suspects as racialized (“suspects appear dark”) and link to an Othered political or religious ideology (if possible, not only link, but prove that violence is inherent to said religion or culture). Continue reading “Tried, Tested, True Five Step Strategy for “Domestic Threats and Attacks””